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about us

Our Company was opened on the basic core values of honesty, hard work, trust and treat others the same way as you wanted to be treated. Founding the business on these same core values and making every effort to “treat every customer as a customer for life” has proved to be well received by homeowner’s in the Chicago area and given the company one of the best reputations in the area.


Finding that few homeowners had a good experience with contractors, we wanted to provide a company that served the community where homeowners not only had quality work performed but also an exceptional experience.


At All Trades Inc, homeowners can count on professional installations, respectful, exceptionally trained technicians who show up always on time and treat customer’s and their homes as if it were their own.


We strive to provide a very friendly, respectful work environment where employees look forward to come in to work and love serving our valued customers. This in turn benefits our customers, as well as our employees.

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